Services We Offer To Home Buyers, Sellers, and Agents

Comprehensive Home Inspections
interNACHIDMI is an industry leader in Comprehensive Home Inspections, with thousands of homes under our collective belts.  Our trained, licensed, InterNACHI-certified and insured Home Inspectors inspect hundreds of items on each house, from the foundation to the roof, inside and out. DMI uses state-of-the-art equipment to help evaluate and diagnose issues, and documents everything with dozens of clear digital photographs.

DMI’s Comprehensive Home Inspection evaluates the general condition of the property, identifies defects or adverse conditions that could significantly impact the property value, and if needed, alerts you any situations where a specialist may be required to make repairs or evaluate specific hazards.   Every identified condition or repair is accompanied by an estimate to repair or replace.   Our inspection allows you to negotiate with confidence and move forward with a better understanding of the home you are looking to purchase or sell.

Termite (Wood-Destroying Organism) Inspections
terminteDid you know that Wood-Destroying Organisms (“WDOs”) do far more damage to homes in the United States than hurricanes, tornados, or floods?  Common Wood Destroying Organisms Include drywood termites, subterranean termites, Formosan termites, as well as several types of beetle.  DMI’s trained inspectors will look for wood-destroying organisms as a part of every one of our Comprehensive Home Inspections and report on whatever is found.   Should you require a WDO Certificate for mortgage or other reasons, we are pleased provide this for a small fee.

Mold Inspections
A mold inspection is a comprehensive visual and lab-tested examination of a home’s environmental condition.  It is conducted in order to determine if a home presently has mold, or has the potential to grow mold in the future.
Mold inspections include sampling the air, identifying any areas of moisture intrusion, inspecting for non-visible mold, evaluating any existing mold or mildew damage in the home, taking detailed digital photographs of any detected mold areas and any areas sampled, and obtaining a detailed lab result for each sample taken.

DMI’s reporting will provide you with clear information regarding the types of mold found and potential toxicity.  In the event mold is found at levels that could present a danger to the health and safety of the occupant, we will recommend a remediation plan and preventive maintenance suggestions.

Seawall Inspections
Are you looking to buy a home with a seawall?   Don’t proceed until you’re aware of its condition, as repairs and replacements of seawalls can be very costly.

Windstorm Inspections
windstorms-from-spaceAre you familiar with the construction features on your home that will help it survive a windstorm? If DMI can verify these features, and you have not had an inspection yet on your current single-family home or condo, it is extremely likely that you will save money on your current policy (see frequently asked questions, and click here to visit and Calculate Your Potential Savings)

Due to many unfortunate instances of inspection fraud and abuse, carriers are now scrutinizing windstorm inspection reports more closely than ever. Don’t gamble with your inspection – use the company the carriers trust.
Windstorm Inspection pricing starts at $75.00 based on building type and location. And if you take steps to harden your home, re-inspections within 12 months of your original inspection are only $50.00. To request an appointment just fill out the online form or give us a call at (800) 469-0434 Option 4 or (954) 971-0512 Option 4 if requesting a commercial windstorm).

Pre-Sale Insurability Windstorm Inspections
windstorms-from-spaceDMI is the only company offering this exciting product to assist Sellers and Listing Agents. Obtain this inspection before you list your home, and prospective buyers will be able to confidently quote their windstorm insurance costs before they buy. When they buy, this inspection will be reissued for free in the name of the buyer, provided the buyer is found within 9 months of the inspection. Give your home listing a powerful edge with this tool, enabling buyers to confidently quote their discounted windstorm insurance.

Four-Point Inspections
Once a home reaches a certain age, many insurance carriers would like to take a peek at the four main sources of insurance claims: the roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. DMI’s Four-Point Inspection, also known as the ‘Insurance Quote’ inspection, sets the standard.

No company has the reputation with insurance companies that DMI has built over more than a decade. We know the scope of what they are looking for and we know how to present it to underwriters. A clean Four-Point report from DMI is good as gold. Call us toll free at (800) 469-0434 Option 4 to obtain an inspection that you know the underwriters will trust.

Pre-Sale Insurability Four-Point Inspections
DMI is the only company offering this exciting product to assist Sellers and Listing Agents. Many closings are being impacted by the late realization that there is a problem, however small, that is preventing the buyer from lining up insurance. Obtain this inspection before you list your home, and with a clean four-point, prospective buyers will be virtually guaranteed that insurance issue will not disrupt closing. When they buy, this inspection will be reissued for free in the name of the buyer, provided the buyer is found within 9 months of the inspection. Give your home listing a powerful edge over others by taking these insurability issues off the table.

Flood Elevation Certificates
Is the home you are evaluating located in a FEMA flood zone? If so, you may need flood insurance, and therefore an elevation certificate to clearly state the elevation of the foundation of your home. FEMA and Congress periodically make changes to the flood zone maps and rates. If you find yourself needing an elevation certificate, please contact DMI at (800) 469-0434 Option 4 and we will set you up with a quote.   Elevation Certificate pricing is calculated by county, and starts at $149.00.

Replacement Cost Valuations
How accurate is the replacement cost estimate that was used to determine how much insurance you needed on your home?   Under-insure and you may not have the coverage you need. Over-insure and you may be paying more than you need to. How long has it been since your policy was last evaluated? Consult with your valued insurance agent, and let DMI help you determine if it’s worth another look. Please give us a call at (954) 971-0512.

Full Appraisals
Don Meyler Inspections performs full appraisals based on both the replacement cost and market value approaches as may be required in many instances. All DMI market value appraisals are performed by state licensed engineer David Cliff (State-Certified Professional Engineer PE-52211). To receive a quote for an appraisal, please call us at (954) 971-0512.